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Welcome to the College of Engineering

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Interdisciplinary Team Lands Grant to Create Graduate Mentorship Program

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Thank you for supporting COEN Outreach!

Important dates

  • October 17 – Boise State Career Fair – 9am-3pm – Jordan Ballroom
  • October 17 – ECE Seminar – 10:30 am – RUCH 103
    Dr. Sin Ming Loo, Boise State University
    Cyber-Physical Security
  • October 19MSMSE Seminar – 10:30 am – RUCH 110
    Dr. John T. Simpson, Retired Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    The World’s Most Water Repellent Material and Beyond 
  • October 19 – MBE Seminar – Noon – MEC 106
    Todd Kingston, Purdue University
    Characterization and Model Validation of Thermal and Flow Dynamics During Microchannel Flow Boiling
  • October 26 – MSMSE Seminar – 10:30 am – RUCH 110
    Dr. Kevin Jones, University of Florida
    The Impact of Materials on Society Course: Lessons Learned from Six Years of Teaching the Class
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