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Montage image of COEN photos

Welcome to the College of Engineering

  • Image of Karthik with TEM
    Research Could Lead to More Radiation-Resistant Graphite

  • Image of a Thermoelectric Graphic
    Research Explores Thermoelectric Screen Printing

  • image of 2016-2019 NSF Grant: Boise State STEM + Computing Partnerships Projects
    Researchers Build Community Collaborations with $1 Million NSF Grant

  • Image of Sole Pera, center, with graduate students Ion Madrazo and Nevena Dragovic
    Working Toward a Better, Kid-Friendly Search Engine

  • Image of Dave Estrada, Janet Callahan and Donna Llewellyn.
    $907,000 NSF Award Funds Engineering, Computer Science Scholarships

  • Image of new Clearwater Building, home to the CS Department
    Donation Helps Computer Science Students Kount on STEM

Student Spotlight

Image of Kendra Noneman with her shot put

Kendra Noneman, starting her freshman year in Materials Science and Engineering at Boise State, is also on the BSU track and field team.
Read more about Kendra

Important dates

  • September 28 – ECE Seminar, 10:30am – 11:30am, MEC 106
    Aaron WilsonMicron Technology
    Microfabrication and plasma
  • September 30MBE Seminar, 12:00-1:00 pm, MEC 106
    Alex Gutierrez and Leandra Aburusa – Boise State University
    Search and Discover.  How do you find the perfect job, and what do you need to do NOW to position yourself for it?
  • September 30MSMSE Seminar, 10:30-11:20 am, ENGR 110
    Dr. Scott Beckman – Washington State University
    Relating Hardness, Bonding, and Composition in AlLiB 14
  • September 30 – CS Seminar, 12:00pm – 1:15pm, City Center Plaza (CCP) 221
  • University Events Calendar: Boise State Events