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Macromolecular Materials Lab, Savannah Irving graduate assistant (M.S. Chemistry), Dr. Scott Phillips, PI, Ginger Ferguson, graduate assistant (Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering) and Dr. Adam Brooks, Postdoc.

Engineering and Science Festival

Engineering and Science Festival

The College of Engineering hosted the 14th annual Engineering & Science Festival at Boise State on Saturday, February 3.  Approximately 8,000 visitor enjoyed hands-on activities, presentations and demonstrations.  500 volunteers helped make this event a success. 

Important dates

  • February 14 – ECE Seminar – 10:30 AM, MEC 114
    Dr. George Nagy – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    The Lifetime Reader
  • February 15 – MBE Seminar – 1:30 PM, ENGR 103
    Rich Reavis – Black Box VR
    Virtual Renegades: Exploring your future in a new frontier
  • February 16 – MSMSE Seminar – 10:30 AM, ENGR 110
    Dr. Di Wu – Washington State University
    Probing the Energetics of Molecule – Material Interactions at Interfaces and in Nanopores
  • February 22 – MBE Seminar – 1:30 PM, ENGR 103
    Dr. Ben Johnson – Boise State Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Bioelectronic Medicine and StimDust: A Miniaturized Wireless Peripheral Nerve Stimulator
  • February 23 – MSMSE Seminar – 10:30 AM, ENGR 110
    Dr. Stan Whittingham – The State University of New York – Binghamton
    The Ultimate Limits of Intercalation Reactions for Li-Batteries
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