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Montage image of COEN photos

Welcome to the College of Engineering

  • Image of Nanotechnology students
    Nanotechnology is Reaching New Heights at Boise State University

  • Image of ennifer Domanowski
    Next stop NASA as Arlington grad rockets to top of her field

  • Krishna Pakala Receives Outstanding Teaching Award

  • Image of Kirsten Davis and Student Nominators
    ASBSU Honors Faculty with 2017 Golden Apple Awards

Student Spotlight

Image of Yaiza Ortego cropped

Yaiza Rodriguez Ortego, is a student-athlete from Spain. She came to Boise State University to pursue her dream of playing basketball in the US. 
Read more about Yaiza

Important dates

  • June 4-6eCamp – Summer Camp for Grades 8-9
  • June 9-10eGirls – Summer Camp for Girls Grades 9-10
  • University Events Calendar: Boise State Events