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Welcome to the College of Engineering

Advanced Nanomaterials and Manufacturing Lab

Dr. Dave Estrada’s Advanced Nanomaterials and Manufacturing Lab, Allison Corona photo.

College of Engineering Recognized for Dedication to Diversity

Boise State University’s College of Engineering has been recognized for its dedication to promoting diversity and awarded the Bronze Award for the 2019 ASEE Diversity Recognition Program by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). The Bronze Award is the highest level that was conferred during 2019 and distinguishes colleges who are among the nation’s leaders in inclusive excellence.

Read the entire “Dedication to Diversity” article here

Important dates

  • September 18 – ECE Seminar – 10:30 am – RUCH 103
  • September 20MSMSE Seminar – 10:30 am – RUCH 110
    David Cahill, University of Illinois
    Current Understanding and Unsolved Problems in Thermal Transport at the Nanoscale
  • September 20– MBE Seminar – Noon – MEC 106

    Bryan Palmer, Idaho Geothermal
    Geothermal Energy – Some like it hot
  • September 27MSMSE Seminar – 10:30 am – RUCH 110
    Shigeru Amemiya, University of Pittsburgh
    Nanoscale Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy for Materials and Biological Science
  • September 27– MBE Seminar – Noon – MEC 106

    Dr. Heidi Davidz, Aerojet Rocketdyne
    Systems Engineering
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