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ECE 350 – Signals & Systems

Not currently taught

Dr. Elisa H. Barney Smith
Office: MEC 202C
Phone: 426-2214
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ECE 350 – Signals & Systems
Course Materials:
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Office Hours:
Wednesday & Friday 9:00-10:00
I will also be available in my office at many other times. Stop by if you have questions.
ECE 225 – Circuits II
MATH 333 – Differential Equations
MATH 360 or MATH 361 – Probability & Statistics or Engineering Statistics
You will need to apply skills in:
Algebra, Calculus and Differential Equations in general; performing algebraic operations, differentiation and integration on polynomials, exponential and sinusoidal functions; factoring, completing the square, algebra with complex numbers.
Text & References:
  • Oppenheim and Willsky, “Signals and Systems,” Prentice Hall, Second Edition, 1997 – required text
  • Hwei P. Hsu, “Signals and Systems”, Schaum’s Outline – optional reference (note: students in the past have recommended this book as it contains many solved problems)
  • Adrian Biran and Moshe Breiner, “MATLAB 5 for Engineers,” Addison Wesley, ISBN 0201360438 or “MATLAB 6 for Engineers,” Pearson Education UK, ISBN: 0130336319 – Recommended text, especially for the lab.
  • MATLAB software package will be used in some homeworks and in the lab. It is installed on the computers in ET 237, ET238 & MEC103. Student versions of Matlab are available from Mathworks ( or the bookstore if you would like to use a home PC instead.
Homeworks 25%
Test 1 15%
Test 2 20%
Test 3 20%
Final Exam 20%
Homework Grading:
Homeworks are very important to your ability to learn the material in this course. It is important that you seriously try all the problems and show your work. Therefore, problems will be graded in the following manner:
Answer correct 100%
Heading in right direction, but not correct answer  80%
Attempted, but wrong approach  50%
Not attempted or no work shown   0%
Note: I do not accept late homeworks
Learning Objectives:
Students taking this course will learn about signal, systems, frequency domain analysis of systems, frequency domain representation of signals, Bode plots, Fourier transforms, Laplace transforms, s-plane analysis, basics of AM & FM signals, basics of z-transforms, noise in signals.
Learning Assessment:
Assessment will be through homeworks and exams.
Academic Honesty:
Please read the university policy on academic honesty in the undergraduate catalog (p17 – 2009-2011). I strongly encourage students to work together and to discuss homeworks, BUT copying solutions is NOT permitted and can result in a grade of 0 for that assignment.