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Research in BSU’s Image and Signal Processing Lab led by Dr. Barney focuses on several applications of image processing. The following areas are currently active, some being projects on which Dr. Barney is directly involved and some are projects of her graduate students. A few are projects which are on hold waiting for the appropriate student to reactivate them.

Document Image Analysis and Digital Humanities

My research started in the field of document analysis. Recently most of the document projects have been tied to what is commonly referred to as Digital Humanities. Here the primary project is usually led by another researcher, and the image processing enables or enhances the primary work.

  • Recognition of offline handwritten Bengali text (current PhD student)
  • WWI Postcard enhancement and segmentation – with Gernot Fink of TU Dortmund
  • Melville’s Marginalia Online – with Steven Olsen-Smith of Boise State
  • Re-Typography – with Bart Lamiroy (University of the Lorraine, France) and Thomas Huot-Marchand (ARNT)
  • Unwrinkling a copper scroll


Biomedical Image Processing

There are many places where image processing can assist medical researchers with their work.

  • Fluoroscopic analysis of knee joint kinematics feedback fluoroscopy image matching system
  • Segmentation of ultrasound images
  • Automated counting of stained cells
  • Segmentation of Visual Human muscles


Computer Vision

  • Facial emotion recognition (current PhD student)
  • Robotics


Materials Image Processing

  • Analysis of Biofuels (current PhD student)




The research material listed below is available freely to the general population:
Document Binarization Data

Page Segmentation Code (coming soon)