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Open Source Software


Dr. Elisa Barney Smith, Dr. Bart Lamiroy, Dr. Dan Lopresti, Dr. Tim Andersen


University of the Lorraine, France
Lehigh University


Most OCR researchers focus their research on one portion of the OCR problem. These areas can include thresholding, segmentation, filtering, OCR, retrieval, etc. In order to test any one portion of the OCR process, all the other portions also need to be developed, usually in-house, even though they are not the focus of that current research, and have been developed, optimized and fine tuned by other research groups.

It is desired to create an open source repository for OCR tools and data sets that researchers can utilize to confirm others’ results and to reduce the amount of infrastructure each DIA researcher needs to develop in order to get their research tested.

In previous years to help access all these tools, a graphical interface based on the GAMERA structure is being developed. One student developed the graphical interface and another was populating it with several tools.

In recent years we are working with the DAE platform.

Contributions to this project from the community are welcome.