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Veeco WYKO NT1100 Optical Profiler

Manufacturer: Veeco
Model: WYKO NT1100

Description:  For applications in MEMS, thick films, optics, ceramics and other advanced materials.  Utilizes white light interferometry to perform 3D surface measurements from sub‐nanometer roughness to millimeter‐high steps.  Vertical Measurement Range is 0.1nm to 1mm with a vertical resolution of < 1Å Ra.  RMS Repeatability is 0.01 nm and a vertical scan speed up to 7.2μm/sec (288μin./sec).  Lateral Spatial Sampling is 0.08 to 13.1μm.  Field‐of ‐View: 8.24mm to 0.05mm (larger areas with Data Stitching option).  Reflectivity: 1% to 100%.