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User Fees

The fee rate schedule (2020 academic fiscal year) is summarized in the table below and described in more detail in subsequent descriptions:

InstrumentUniversity Hourly RateFederal/Academic Non-Boise State Hourly RateNon-Academic & Industry Hourly Rate
Additive Manufacturing Print & Cure Suite$12.00$17.00$67.00
AJA Orion 5 PVD System #1$40.00$56.00$106.00
AJA Orion 5 PVD System #2$40.00$56.00$106.00
ADT 982-6 Wafer Dicing System$20.00$28.00$78.00
Blue M SV-57A OvenNC$10.00$60.00
Branson Dionex 3000 Asher$20.00$28.00$78.00
Bruker Dektak Stylus Profiler$11.00$15.00$65.00
CHA 600 Thermal Evaporator$20.00$28.00$78.00
Delta Design Environmental OvenNC$10.00$60.00
Electron Beam Lithography Suite

  • JST Solvent/Spin Coat Station
  • JST Base Wet Station
  • JA Woollam M-2000 Ellipsometer
Fisher Scientific High Temp OvenNC$10.00$60.00
Fujifilm Dimatix DMP-2850 Inkjet Printer$12.00$17.00$67.00
JA Woollam M-2000 Ellipsometer$11.00$15.00$65.00
JST Acid Wet Station$20.00$28.00$78.00
JST Base Wet Station$11.00$15.00$65.00
JST Solvent Bench/Spin Coat Station$12.00$17.00$67.00
Modular Process Technology RTP600S$20.00$28.00$78.00
nScrypt 150-3Dn-HP Microdispense System$11.00$15.00$65.00
Nikon Microscope with Imaging Capture SoftwareNC$10.00$20.00
OAI 5000 Proximity Aligner$20.00$28.00$78.00
Optomec 200 Aerosol Jet Printer$12.00$17.00$67.00
Oxford Instruments Plasmalab 100 RIE$40.00$56.00$106.00
Photolithography Suite (all incl.)

  • JST Solvent/Spin Coat Station
  • JST Base Wet Station
  • Quintel Q-4000 Contact Aligner
  • OAI 5000 Proximity Aligner
  • Semitool ST-460 SRD
PVA TePLa Oxygen Plasma System$20.00$28.00$78.00
Quintel Q-4000 Contact Aligner$20.00$28.00$78.00
Semitool ST-460 SRD$11.00$15.00$65.00
Thermco MB-80 Oxidation Furnace$11.00$15.00$65.00
Thermco MB-80 Diffusion Furnace$11.00$15.00$65.00
Torr CrC150 Sputter Coating System$11.00$15.00$65.00
Vecco 100 Ion Milling System$40.00$56.00$106.00
Xenon S-2100 Flash Lamp Sintering Oven$11.00$15.00$65.00
Westbond Wire Bond System$11.00$15.00$65.00
Wyko NT1100 Optical Profiler$11.00$15.00$65.00
Zeiss A1 Axio Scope and Imaging SoftwareNC$10.00$20.00

Identification and Definition of Users

Rate AInternal users: Boise State University-affiliated professors, staff, students, research assistants, post-docs, visiting scholars, etc. (anyone who is employed by or has an appointment at Boise State University, including BSU federally sponsored projects).

Rate BFederally funded, sponsored research projects by non-BSU entities.  Or other academic users: Professors, staff, students, research assistants, post-docs, visiting scholars, etc. employed at or having an appointment at a non-Boise State University affiliated institution.  Lab users in this category must be doing academic research.  Industry funded research will be charged the industrial rate (Rate C).  The Engineering Support Charge of $50/Hr is applied.

Rate CAny non-academic affiliated entities, including national laboratories.  The Engineering Support Charge of $50/Hr is applied.