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Wind for Schools Program

In 2008, Wind Powering America introduced the Wind for Schools (WfS) program in six states: Idaho, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska and South Dakota. The Wind for Schools program aims to install small wind turbines at K-12 schools, initially targeting rural areas, to demonstrate wind energy basics to both students and community leaders. Building on our existing wind energy research programs, Boise State University has been named Idaho’s Wind Application Center.

Wind for Schools Resources

Teacher Resources

KidWind Collaborative

PCCS Video Outlines Turbine Installation Process


Wind for Schools Objectives:

  1. Develop in-state technical assistance capacity through the development of Wind Applications Centers (WAC) located at a college or university in each state, which will educate engineers in wind applications analysis and development.
  2. Educate rural students in wind energy and engage rural communities in a discussion regarding applications and benefits of a robust wind energy future for rural America.