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President: Ashley Gertman

image of Ashley Gertman

Ashley is a senior in CS here at Boise State and is originally from Idaho Falls. Ashley chose CS because she likes problem solving and she always is up for a challenge. She currently works with as a software engineer at Clearwater Analytics. Outside of school, Ashley enjoys shopping (specifically for school supplies), traveling, and working out.

Vice President: Margiawan Fitriani

Image of Margiawan Fitriani

Fitri is a junior here at Boise State studying computer science. She moved to Boise, Idaho from Texas few years ago to attend the university. She currently works with the IDoCode program. In her free time, Fitri likes to spend time with family and friends to adventure, hike, visit national parks and enjoy outdoor activities.

Public Relations: Sadie Shirts

image of Sadie Shirts

Sadie is a junior at Boise State studying Computer Science. Sadie loves working with kids, and works at a STEM after-school program called PCS Edventures that is focused on getting kids excited about everything from robotics, to architecture, to game design. She also runs her own photography and design business. In her free time, Sadie loves taking pictures and painting. She also enjoys running, playing volleyball and basketball, and is an ice cream enthusiast.

Treasurer: Oghenemaro Anuyah

image of Oghenemaro Anuyah

Oghenemaro is a second year graduate student in Computer Science here at Boise State. She has only lived in Boise since 2016. She loves data science projects and currently works as a Research Assistant with Dr. Sole Pera. Her research involves making search engines suitable for kids, and she has engaged in several volunteering events organized for kids such as the stem night and e-girls. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, outing with friends, and playing basketball.  She also enjoys reading, and taking coding challenges.

More information about her can be found on

Secretary: Monica Robison

image of Monica Robison

Monica is a Senior at Boise State University majoring in Computer Science. She currently works at HP Inc. as a Software Engineer Intern. During her free time she likes to hang out with friends (whether they be online video game friends or real life friends), go on walks with her husky, play video games, and experiment with new food recipes.

Faculty Advisors: Marissa Schmidt  and Sole Pera

Marissa Holingsworth, Computer Science

Sole Pera, Computer Science, Studio Portrait, Tag