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Past Officers


President: Caitlyn Goetz

Image of Caitlyn Goetz

Caitlyn is a senior in computer science here at Boise State and has lived in Boise her whole life. She currently is an software development intern at Metageek downtown Boise. Caitlyn loves math and solving problems, so studying computer science was a no brainer for her. In her free time, Caitlyn enjoys hiking, hunting, archery, and other outdoor activities. She also loves reading and watching movies. She especially loves Harry Potter and sci-fi films.

Vice President: Sydney Crabtree

Image of Sydney Crabtree

Sydney is a senior studying Computer Science here at Boise State. She currently is working as a software development intern at AppDetex in downtown Boise, and just recently finished up an internship at Micron Technology over the summer. Previously she worked with the IDoCode program to help teachers get their Masters in STEM Education with an emphasis in Computer Science. In her free time, she loves any and all outdoor activities. Skiing, tennis, and basketball are some of her favorite ways to kill time in between homework during the semester.

Public Relations: Margiawan Fitriani

Image of Margiawan Fitriani

Fitri is a sophomore here at Boise State studying computer science. She moved to Boise, Idaho from Texas few years ago to attend the university. She currently works with the IDoCode program. In her free time, Fitri likes to spend time with family and friends to adventure, hike, visit national parks and enjoy outdoor activities.

Treasurer: Sadie Shirts

image of Sadie Shirts

Sadie is a sophomore at Boise State studying Computer Science. Sadie loves working with kids, and works at a STEM after-school program called PCS Edventures that is focused on getting kids excited about everything from robotics, to architecture, to game design. She also runs her own photography and design business. In her free time, Sadie loves taking pictures and painting. She also enjoys running, playing volleyball and basketball, and is an ice cream enthusiast.

Secretary: Ashley Gertman

image of Ashley Gertman

Ashley is a junior in CS here at Boise State and is originally from Idaho Falls. Ashley chose CS because she likes problem solving and she always is up for a challenge. She currently works with the IDoCode program to help teachers get their Masters in STEM Education with an emphasis in Computer Science. Outside of school, Ashley enjoys shopping (specifically for school supplies), traveling, and working out.

Faculty Advisors: Marissa Schmidt  and Sole Pera

Marissa Holingsworth, Computer Science

Sole Pera, Computer Science, Studio Portrait, Tag

2014 – 2015

President: Kelsey Suyehira

image of President: Kelsey Suyehira

Kelsey Suyehira previously completed a Bachelor’s of Science in mathematics from Western Washington University and is currently working on her second degree. She is a senior Computer Science major. Kelsey first became interested in computer science by learning to program on

As a native of Boise, Kelsey enjoys hiking, biking, playing soccer as well as baking.



Vice President: Roshani Lamichhane

image of Vice President: Roshani Lamichhane

Roshani Lamichhane is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She was born and raised in Nepal and she moved to Boise in August, 2012. She is working as an Analyst Intern in Impact Sales Inc. at Downtown, Boise.

Roshani believes that out of classroom learning also plays vital role in personal growth and utilizes her time sketching, 3-D modelling/designing, knitting and watching TED talks. She enjoys singing, dancing, swimming, biking and interacting with people from various backgrounds. She has a great enthusiasm for community involvement and service learning. She is motivated for encouraging more female students get into STEM programs.

Public Relations: Sarah Bradburn

image of Public Relations: Sarah Bradburn

Sarah Bradburn is a junior studying Computer Science and Biology.  She is interested in using computer science to analyze biological data and model the properties of life.   She is working as an undergraduate assistant for a project to make computer science more accessible to high school students and teachers.  She is also a tutor in the CS tutoring center.

Sarah enjoys reading in her free time.  She also loves to bike, hike, play tennis, and run in the beautiful Boise area.



Treasurer: Deepa Mallela

image of Public Relations: Sarah Bradburn

Deepa Mallela is currently pursuing master’s degree in computer science. She is working with Dr,Vijay Dialani on a geographical recommendation system using the social media logs.

In her spare time she likes to cook and reading books.




Secretary: Ryleigh Moore

image of Secretary: Ryleigh Moore My name is Ryleigh Moore and I am an undergraduate student at Boise State University. I am a computer science major and I also hope to minor in business and communication. I currently work as a software engineer at Zenware where I assist in program development and testing. I have worked at Zenware since the summer of 2013 and I absolutely love it. Outside of work and school, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, going to
garage sales and antique stores, and watching football. Thanks for taking the time to read my bio, for more information on me, check out my digital portfolio at


2013 – 2014

President: Marianna Budnikova

image of Marianna Budnikova, tagged, top ten, studio portrait

Marianna Budnikova is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science. She is working with Dr. Tim Andersen on a National Science Foundation bioinformatics project to automate a search for models of planaria worm regeneration using a process based on a genetic algorithm search.

Originally from Podolsk, Russia, Marianna found her way to Boise as an exchange student at Boise High School. She fell in love with Boise, and after getting a scholarship from Boise State University, she decided to get her education here. In her spare time, Marianna educates the community about computer science, dances Argentine Tango, performs as a living statue and writes science fiction.

Secretary: Melissa Neibaur

image of Secretary: Melissa Neibaur

Melissa Neibaur is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She is passionate about making people’s lives easier and chose Computer Science to reach a wide range of people.

Melissa is a mother of two young girls and enjoys teaching youth about Computer Science so they have a chance to get interested early in life. She enjoys singing, playing video games and being outdoors in her free time.



Vice-President: Diana Ornelas

image of Vice-President: Diana Ornelas

Diana Ornelas is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science. She is working with Dr. Jain on a project that analyzes payment history for predictive analytics and also compares the performance of Hive and HBase.

In her spare time she likes to make jewelry and bake.


Faculty Advisor: Amit Jain 

image of Faculty Advisor: Amit Jain

Dr. Amit Jain is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Graduate Program Coordiniator in Department of Computer Science.