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First Year Engineering Student

Greetings New Bronco Engineering Student!

We can’t wait to see you in the Fall!  We hope you enjoyed orientation and are excited to start your college career. Sign up for an orientation if you haven’t attended already. Here are some tips and information that may be helpful to you.

AP Test Scores

AP test scores will be posted in the beginning of July. It is your responsibility to send these scores to Boise State no later than August 1st.

AP transcripts are sent to Boise State by the Educational Testing Service during the summer. If students have taken an AP exam but did not designate Boise State as a recipient, an AP transcript may be requested by writing:
PO Box 6671
Princeton, NJ 08541-6671
(609) 771-7300(phone)
(609) 530-0482(fax) apexams@info.collegeboard (e-mail)

When ordering a transcript the following information must be included: name, date of birth, current address, daytime phone number, social security number, year test was taken, school where test was taken, name of test, where to send transcript, and Boise State University Code #4018. Each transcript costs $12.00, or $19.00 if ordered by phone (prices may be subject to change).

Introduction to Engineering (ENGR 120 / ENGR 130)

Engineering students are only required to take one introduction to engineering course. You can take either Engr 120 or Engr 130. Engr 120 is a 3 credit option and Engr 130 includes a Service Learning component for 4 credits. Check with your advisor if you have any questions.  Here is a link to the ENGR 130 website.

 Permission Numbers

Occasionally students meet the course pre and co-requisites but have trouble enrolling in a course. If you were given a permission number, or placed into a class based off your “expected” AP score and Boise State does not receive your documented score, or it is below the credit requirement, you will be dropped from that class. You may NOT be notified of this change. Please be sure to send your scores and check your student center regularly.

If you received a permission number to enroll in a class and drop that course, you may be required to acquire another permission number to enroll again.

Final High School/College Transcripts

You may be admitted on a Conditional Status which means your final high school and/or college transcripts must be sent to Boise State Admissions before the end of your first semester. Failure to send transcripts will prevent you from signing up for future classes.

To check if your transcripts have been received, you can look at your “To Do List” on the right hand side of your student center account. If it says, Final High School Transcript or Official College Transcript, Admissions has not received your transcripts yet.

Note: Any other To-Do List items may turn into holds on your account if not taken care of in a timely manner. More information for each To-Do can be found by clicking on it.

Adding and Dropping Classes

If you are waiting for AP scores to sign up for a class, or would like to change sections you may do so from your student center account. Classes are open to all students and may fill up and close at any time. Dropping classes may result in losing full-time status if credit hours are below 12. It is recommended to add classes before you drop them to avoid this.

Don’t forget to check for your student center account for any changes, holds, or To-Do list items that may occur. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact the Advising and Outreach Office.