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Freshman Advising

College of Engineering Advisors

Advising Sign In Sheet

Image of a signpost with arrows pointing in different directions that say "advice, help, tips, support, assistance, guidance"How do I contact an advisor? You can drop by and schedule an appointment or email us at

For General Advising Questions – Our Peer Advisors can answer many of your advising questions. Drop by or select an advising appointment time ONLINE.

Major Advisors

  • Electrical Engineering:  Kristina Martin
  • Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering: Lynn Olson
  • Computer Science: Roxanne Stone
  • Materials Science & Engineering: Faculty Advisors
  • Undecided: Kori Anna Smith
  • Construction Management: Kori Anna Smith
  • Civil Engineering:  Kori Anna Smith

Undecided Students: If you are not sure which undergraduate engineering major to choose, your interim advisor will be Kori Anna Smith, Academic Advisor. You can make an appointment to see Kori Anna by calling 426.2672 or email her directly to determine an appointment time.

If you already chose an engineering or a related field as your major, please refer to the following list of majors and click on the appropriate link to get specific advising information:

Faculty Advisors

Once you have progressed in your coursework to Sophomore level classes you will be assigned a faculty advisor.

Preparing for an Advising Appointment (with Faculty or the Advising Staff)

  1. Run a Copy of your Academic Advisement Report from myBoiseState.
  2. Add classes to your planner.
  3. Assign classes to the semester you plan to enroll.
  4. Prepare questions before your advising session.
  5. Arriving prepared will help you get the most out of your appointment time.

Tips for making the most of your undergraduate academic and career advising

  • Talk to your advisor early in your academic career
  • Arrange regular meetings and make appointments in advance when possible
  • Prepare for your appointments/meetings by reading materials and formulating questions in advance
  • Be honest about your circumstances and your skills
  • Discuss your academic and career progress openly
  • Be realistic about your academic choices and goals
  • Make a genuine effort to learn the information provided by your advisor
  • Accept responsibility for your educational, career and personal choices