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Meet the COEN Ambassadors

Kylee Lay – Materials Science and Engineering

Kylee Lay

Materials Science and Engineering

I really want to work with prosthetics or tissue engineering. Developing that technology and application is my biggest drive through school.

I am involved in the Materials Science and Engineering Club, Association for Iron & Steel Technology, The American Ceramic Society, The Materials Information Society, The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society. Research: Computational Materials with Eric Jankowski.

Melisa Hancock – Civil Engineering

Melisa Hancock

Civil Engineering

My favorite hobby is roller skating and I am looking forward to getting into grad school after graduating. 

I am involved in the Society of Women Engineers and National Residence Hall Honorary. I am a Resident Assistant in Sawtooth Hall and I work as a Research Assistant in the Civil Engineering Department.

Carson Bungay – Civil Engineering

Carson Bungay

Civil Engineering with a minor in Environmental Studies

After graduation, I hope to find myself living on the West Coast; closer to the ocean. 

I play lacrosse for Boise State.

Olivia Coca – Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

Olivia Coca

Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

My dream plan after college is to stay in the Boise area working for local technology companies; after a few years moving out of state to design Airplanes, ships, or medical devices.

I am a member of SWE, SHPE, Phi Sigma Rho, Mechanical Engineering club, Aerospace club, and Idaho Science and Aerospace Scholars.
I also participated in an undergraduate research fellowship during my freshman year working in a computational biomedical research lab.

Hope Stauffer – Construction Management

Hope Stauffer

Construction Management

I am the Treasure for the Boise State Construction Management Association, Honors student, a member of Sigma Lambda Chi, and working an internship for Engineered Structiores, Inc. 

Nicolina Caruso – Construction Management

Nicolina Caruso

Construction Management

After graduation I plan on working for a general contractor that self performs concrete. I want to pursue my way up to becoming a female Superintendent or a Project Executive. It is also a goal of mine to build a hospital because the idea that I can build something that will be used in the future to benefit millions of people fascinates me. 
I am a leader of an on campus Christian Fellowship and I am currently working as a Field Engineer Intern for Hoffman Construction Company of America. We are building the new Micron Material-Science and Research building on the Boise State University campus. 

Robin Deleon – Mechanical Engineering

Robin DeLeon

Mechanical Engineering

If I could choose anywhere to work it would be at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena. My two main areas of focus are either aerospace or green energy as far as the types of fields I’d like to get involved in go, but there is a long list of things I want to do with my life such as pursuing further education and traveling.

I am vice president of Aerospace Club, part of the leadership for Microgravity, and I do research for Dr. Lighty for a project in chemical looping technology.

Tanya Lu – Electrical and Computer Engineering

Tanya Lu

Electrical and Computer Engineering

After my undergrad program, I would love to enter graduate college and do research that would have an impact on people.

I’m The Vice President of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers(SHPE), BSU chapter. I did an internship with Intel Corporation for 1 year and a half. I currently do research for Dr. Kris Campbell from the Electrical Engineering Department.

Devan Karsann- Computer Science

Devan Karsann

Computer Science

After I graduate, I want to start working at AppDetex full-time and continue to take grad classes for my CS master’s degree. With this additional coursework, I’m hoping to become more involved with data science projects at work. Boise is a pretty cool place so I wouldn’t mind staying here for a while.

I am involved in the Boise State AI Club. Currently a BSU Undergraduate CS Research Assistant, and I am an AppDetex Contract Software Engineer.

Tiffany Berntsen - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Tiffany Berntsen – Electrical and Computer Engineering

Tiffany Berntsen

Electrical and Computer Science Engineering

My future dreams include being able to experience new and exciting moments in life, with a job that allows me to do this as well as a job that gives me a purpose in life.

I am currently involved in the Society of Professional Engineers, recently have done research in Magnetrons, Plasma Medicine, and Machine Learning.

Ryan Faithe – Mechanical Engineering

Ryan Faithe

Mechanical Engineering

I hope to one day work in the Biomedical Engineering Industry and work on joint replacements.

I am the President of Sigma Chi, Interned for Applied Medical last summer, previously worked as an orientation leader and currently work at the Campus Recreation Center. 

Samantha Schauer – Mechanical Engineering

Samantha Schauer

Mechanical Engineering

I’m from SW Washington, so I would love to ultimately stay in the PNW! After college, I want to pursue a career in the product design and development field. Product design is such a diverse, innovative, and creative field and I want to work in an environment where I’m always challenged.

I am involved in  Society of Women Engineers, Honors College, Student Advisory Board for MBE Department, Learning Assistant Program, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, Summer 2018 Mechanical Engineer Intern at Sigma Design, Inc. in Camas, WA, Summer 2019 Mechanical Engineer Intern at Plexus in Boulder, CO.

Emily Kuehl- Engineering Plus Urban Studies and Community Development 

Emily Kuehl

Engineering Plus Urban Development and Community Development

I’m from Boise and I plan on staying close to this area either working for a civil engineering firm close to home or as an urban planner with the City of Boise. Eventually, I would like to build a home with my brother in Idaho City that we can use as a vacation home. 

I am involved in  Phi Sigma Rho, a social engineering sorority that was founded at Purdue University in Indiana. I have gone on conferences for the sorority, and currently, hold a position on the executive board as the VP of Communications. I also am a Learning Assistant and mentor for Calc 1 and 2. I have worked as a Peer Adviser in the COEN Advising Office for the last 2 years.


Sydney Adair – Mechanical Engineering

Sydney Adair

Mechanical Engineering

After college, I want to find an Aerospace Engineering job that will allow me to travel. Finding new places and meeting new people while working at a job I love would be a dream come true.

I am involved with the Society of Women Engineers, Phi Sigma Rho a sorority of engineers, and I have an Internship with a local start-up tech company. I love rafting and pretty much anything else that includes the water.

Sophia Mitchell – Materials Science and Engineering

Sophia Mitchell

Materials Science and Engineering

I’m a Sophomore from Eugene, Oregon and I’m still not sure what I want to do after I graduate, there are so many jobs and industries for me to still discover! I know I would either like to stay in Boise or move somewhere sunny and warm after graduation. 

I am currently working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Surface Science Lab and am learning something new every day! I am also involved with Admissions as a tour guide, Society of Women Engineers, the Honors College, and intramural sports.