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Welcome to the Advanced Materials Lab

Advanced Materials research group
The Advanced Materials research group is engaged in a variety of research programs focused on materials processing and materials performance in extreme environments.  Much of the current research is focused on advanced materials for energy and sensing applications.  Historically, the research group has been supported by:

The National Science Foundation
The Department of Energy
The Department of Defense
U. S. Navy
Office of Naval Research
Idaho National Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Center for Advanced Energy Studies
Battelle Energy Alliance
Pratt and Whitney Aerospace
Emisense, Inc.
Ceramatec, Inc.
General Atomics, Inc.
Advanced Ceramic Fibers, Inc.
Boeing, Inc.
HiFunda, Inc.

The Advanced Materials research group recently developed a novel method of synthesizing refractory nitrides and nitride nuclear fuels using an ambient temperature method.  Metal or hydride powders are simultaneously milled and exposed to high purity nitrogen in a relatively simple and rapid process resulting in phase pure nitrides.  The technology has the potential to reduce the cost and foot print of future nuclear fuel processing plants.