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Welcome to the Advanced Nanophotonics Laboratory (ANL). ANL is located in the Micron Engineering Center (MEC312) at Boise State University.

Our research group focuses on the design, fabrication and characterization of novel micro- and nanophotonic devices for application in optical communication networks, fiber-optic sensor networks, beam steering, wearable or conformal light weight systems, etc. Our goal is to integrate device physics knowledge with advanced optoelectronic properties of materials for developing next-generation devices that are compact, light-weight, and energy efficient.

Research Areas: 

  1. Silicon Photonics and Optical Interconnects
  2. Fiber-Optic Sensors
  3. Semiconductor Nanomembrane based Flexible Optoelectronics
  4. RF Photonics and Beam Steering
  5. Printed and Flexible Photonics