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ENGR 441/541

ENGR 441/541: Semiconductor Materials

Prof. Bill Knowlton, Boise State University

Electronic Course Evaluation Directions*                            Course Syllabus*                            Previous Course Evaluations*

Project Info                                                                      Practice Midterm (posted 10/14/02)*

Project Updates Due Date
Project Update 1 10/2/02
Project Update 2 10/16/02
Project Update 3 10/30/02
Project Update 4 11/13/02

Project Presentation Schedule:

  • Note:
    • Please provide a hard copy of the presentation to me prior to your presentation. I will not print them out if you email them to me because of time issues. If you also have an electronic copy to provide, that would be great.
    • Papers are due at time of presentation for those doing pedagogical projects.
    • Presentations are 20 minutes (no exceptions) with 2-3 minutes for questions. Please practice your presentations before giving them to the class.
    • Example of Grading Form that I will use to grade your presentation.
Monday (12/9) Wednesday (12/11)
1. Arun 7. Russ and Rob
2. Linda 8. Tim
3. David 9. Vishal
4. Harish, Sandya and Sandeep 10. Francis
5. Vamsi 11. Srikar
6. Jeremy
Practice Final Exams
Practice Final Exam 1* (posted 12/10/02)
Practice Final Exam 2* (posted 12/11/02)
Practice Final Exam3* (posted 12/14/02)

Crystallography Notes*