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Sierra Ludwig – Mechanical Engineering

Sierra Ludwig – Mechanical Engineering

Image of Sierra Ludwig in front of the Colosseum, Rome, ItalyI am a mechanical engineering major with minors in materials science and engineering, biomedical engineering and applied math, expected to graduate in December, 2017. I studied abroad at Cardiff University, Wales during the spring semester of my sophomore year. The picture was taken during spring break, which lasts three weeks in the United Kingdom, and I traveled around Europe by myself during that time. Rome was one of my stops during my 10 days in Italy; I also went snowboarding in France. I also went to Amsterdam with an Erasmus group and managed to squeeze in a trip to Northern Ireland as well.

During my study abroad program I learned a lot about myself. It had always been a dream of mine to study abroad and I was determined to make it happen. It was hard leaving my friends and the safety of Boise but I knew it would all be for the better. While I was abroad I checked off multiple things from my bucket list. I traveled alone, I met amazing people, I cooked for myself and I decided what I wanted to do after I graduated. Studying abroad changed my life and it was worth every sacrifice I made to get there.

I would definitely recommend this program and Cardiff University; it was difficult and a culture shock academically with all of my classes having a final exam worth 80-100% of my grade! I would recommend that students go for a full year or at the very least attend in the fall, as there are not that many events in the spring semester to help students make friends.

Sierra Ludwig, in front of the Colosseum, Rome, Italy, spring 2015.

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