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Josh Newberg – Mechanical Engineering

Josh Newberg – Mechanical Engineering

Image of Josh Newberg with his wrestling teammates My name is Josh Newberg and I am studying mechanical engineering at Boise State University. I am originally from Woodland, Washington but decided to attend BSU because of the wrestling program and its location in the pacific northwest. For the 2015-16 season I am the starting 133 pounder on the Boise State wrestling team, which meets from the first weekend in November through mid-March. Together, my studies and training take up just about all of my time.

I am pursuing a degree in engineering because I appreciate everything that I am learning. To me, gaining knowledge and solving problems are extremely important and enjoyable. I love the idea of solving problems that could possibly benefit our world. I also enjoy designing, drawing, and trying to invent my own products.

BSU has incredible resources and faculty that have aided and will continue to aid me in gaining my mechanical engineering degree. I also have support from athletic advisors, coaches and teammates. Go Broncos!

Image of Josh Newburg wrestling on television

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