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Louise McGowin – Mechanical Engineering

Louise McGowin – Mechanical Engineering

Image of Louise McGowin sitting on top of a ski hill with her snowboard onMy name is Louise McGowin and I am studying Mechanical Engineering. In 2013, I received my first bachelor’s degree from University of North Carolina in Information Systems. After working for HP as a software engineer for a couple of years, I realized my passions and interests better aligned with Mechanical Engineering, so I decided to come to Boise State University.

Image of Louise McGowin snowboarding down a ski hill

I grew up in Alabama, where winters are far and few between, and the year-round heat fostered my appreciation for snow sports. I used to be a skier, but the prevalence of knee injuries in skiers inspired me to pick up snowboarding. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I would love to design safer ski/snowboard equipment or a new ski lift that can handle intense winds. When I’m not at work or school, you can find me on the slopes at Bogus Basin. During the off seasons I enjoy mountain biking, hiking and backpacking. I also enjoy puzzles and brainteasers, and I’m always up for a challenge.

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