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Faculty and Staff

Civil Engineering

Department Chair
Mandar Khanal
Mandar Khanal view profile

Chair and Associate Professor | 208-426-1430 | ERB 1133

Stephen Affleck
Stephen Affleck view profile

Emeritus Professor

Bhaskar Chittoori
Bhaskar Chittoori view profile

Assistant Professor | 208-426-3794 | ERB 4139

Arvin Farid
Arvin Farid view profile

Associate Professor | (208) 426-4827 | ERB 3133

Robert Hamilton
Robert Hamilton view profile

Chair (Construction Management), Associate Professor | 208-426-1447 | ERB 4141

Jairo Hernandez
Jairo Hernandez view profile

Assistant Professor | 208-426-3746 | ERB 3135

Yang Lu
Yang Lu view profile

Assistant Professor (Joint Faculty of Civil & MSE) | 208-426-3783 | ERB 4143

Sondra Miller
Sondra Miller view profile

Associate Professor | 208-426-2894 | ERB 4149

George Murgel
George Murgel view profile

Associate Professor | 208-426-3788 | ERB 4147

Steven Call
Steven Call view profile

Lecturer | 208-426-4364 | ERB 4145

Administrative Staff
Rhonda  Magill
Rhonda Magill view profile

Administrative Assistant II | 208-426-3743 | ERB 1134

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