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Water Resources Engineering

Water resources engineering includes engineering for water supply and water excess management. This focus area covers the analysis and design of systems that control quantity, timing and distribution of water to meet the needs of our community. The water resources engineering is associated with hydrologic and hydraulic processes. Understanding the fundamentals of fluid mechanics is key to understand these processes. The topics that are covered in this focus area are the application of principles of pipe flow, open channel flow, water pumps, groundwater hydraulics, hydraulic structures, flood frequency analysis, reservoir characteristics and design, open channel flow applications, water project design, model studies, and pump and turbine hydraulics, among others. It is expected that graduates will be able to analyze a water resources project under practical and theoretical conditions, solve a problem in civil engineering practice that includes the various and multiple aspects of the discipline, use modern tools for analyzing a water resources system and be able to analyze and evaluate results from computer software.

Recommended Courses for Water Resources Focus Area

  • CE 502 Computational Techniques
  • CE 512 Hydrogeology
  • CE 536 Hydraulics
  • CE 538 Water Resources Engineering

Elective Courses (Any of the following courses* can be taken to satisfy the remaining coursework requirement of the degree with the approval of the student’s advisor)

  • CE 520 Environmental Process Chemistry
  • CE 537 GIS in Water Resources
  • CE 564 Seepage, Drainage, Flow Nets and Embankments
  • CE 597CFT Contaminant Fate and Transport
  • CE 597OCF Open Channel Flow
  • CE 597OWR Optimization in Water Resources
  • CE 623 Advanced Hydrogeology
  • CE 624 Applied Hydrogeology
  • CE 633 Contaminant Hydrogeology
  • CE 510 Hydrology

*Any other courses deemed necessary by the advisor based on the student’s research.

Schedule of CE graduate courses for the next several semesters.