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MS/MEngr in Civil Engineering

The Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MS CE) is a program of study that includes a research component and culminates in a thesis that represents an original contribution to knowledge in civil engineering. This course of study prepares students for future work in industry or doctoral studies.

The Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering (MEngr CE) is a non-thesis program of study that allows students to take advanced coursework in their area of expertise to support their professional development.

Most of our courses are taught at 7:40 am or after 4:30 pm in the evening to allow working students to attend.

Students who do not have a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering will need to take some undergraduate courses in order to be properly prepared for the masters program.  A list of courses, based upon specialization may be found at

What Background Do I Need for these Programs

How Do I Get Into these Programs

Schedule of CE Graduate Course for the Next Several Semesters

CE Graduate Courses