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New Undergraduate Students:


If you are just starting the Bachelor of Science program in Civil Engineering at Boise State University, you probably have many questions. Our program has been designed with the idea that our students will be recent high school graduates, who will be attending the university full time, who will not be working, and who are ready to take English, Calculus, and a full load of courses.

However, many of the students who are enrolled in our BS program do not match this profile. With this in mind, we have listed here some useful information to help you get started on your path to a degree. We hope you will find these items helpful. If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us.

Transfer Students:

If you are thinking about transferring into the Bachelor of Science program in Civil Engineering at Boise State University you should look at the links above as well as read the following:

  1. You may not be required to meet our general education requirements (CORE) if you haveMegan Frary, Mechanical testing lab, Engineering, Research, jk already been Core Certified at your previous school.
  2. If you are coming from a quarter or trimester school be aware that 3 credits at your old school only count as 2 credits here. This may mean you have been given “credit” for completing a class, but your record here may show you short of the number of credits required. Some of this can be waived and some of this may require you to take a similar course over again. This can be especially tricky in year-long sequences where you need to take 3 quarters of classes to meet our 2 semester requirement.
  3. When you transfer, in all likelihood, several of your old classes will be listed as 100XF or 200XF here at Boise State. All that means is that there is no direct equivalent here, but some of these may still be used. You need to talk with the Department Chair of Civil Engineering, and bring course descriptions of the classes from your old school.
  4. If you need permission to get into a class because our computer does not think you have met the prerequisites you need to contact the department offering the course and bring documentation that shows you have met the prerequisite. The Civil Engineering department can not give you permission to take a Math or Science course, only the departments offering the course can do that.

I have a Bachelors degree, but not in Civil Engineering:

If you already have a degree but now you want to be a Civil Engineer there are some things you should know.

  1. If you have completed a degree from an accredited college or university it is assumed that you have already met:
    • our general education requirements (CORE)
    • our English composition requirements (ENGL 101, 102)
    • our Diversity requirement
  2. You will be required to meet all prerequisites for the courses you will be taking.
  3. You must complete at least 30 credits here at Boise State to earn a bachelors degree, so depending on your previous major you may have to take additional courses beyond the minimum.
  4. You need to meet with the Department Chair of Civil Engineering to determine your course of study. Bring a copy of your transcripts from your previous school(s).
  5. You may want to think about a graduate degree instead of a bachelors degree. If this is the case you should look at what is required for eligibility for our Master’s degree programs.