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CE Science Electives

A Science Elective is defined as a science course from a field that is not Chemistry or Physics that expands the students understanding of the nature of an aspect of Civil Engineering. Courses in addition to those listed may be used to meet this requirement with the approval of the Civil Engineering Faculty.

Science Electives

BIOL 100Concepts of Biology
BIOL 107Introduction to Human Biology
BIOL 109Plants and Society
BIOL 191General Biology I
BIOL 192General Biology II
ENVHLTH 310**Water Supply And Water Quality Mgmnt
ENVHLTH 416**Noise And Other Physical Agents
ENVSTD 121Introduction To Environmental Studies
GEOG 321**Sustainability of Natural Resources
GEOG 331**Climatology
GEOG 360**Introduction To GIS
GEOPH 305**Applied Geophysics
GEOS 100Fundamentals of Geology
GEOS 101Environmental Geology

** Courses marked in this manner may be used as either a Science Elective or a Technical Elective

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