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Transfer Courses


Courses taken at other institutions may or may not be achieving learning outcomes that are consistent with those within Boise State University (BSU) and the Civil Engineering (CE) Department. Therefore, any course transferred from another institution to be used to meet graduation requirements, or to be used as a prerequisite for a CE course offered at BSU needs to be approved by the Civil Engineering Department.

This policy applies to:

  • Students working on a degree in Civil Engineering
  • Students taking a course offered by the Civil Engineering Department, regardless of their major

This policy DOES NOT include courses to be used for:

  • University Foundations (UF) or
  • Disciplinary Lens (DL) or
  • Courses for which transfer equivalency has already been established with the Registrar’s office

Each individual student must request approval of each course that they wish to transfer.

In the case where the student did not pass the BSU course that is to be replaced by the transfer course prior to taking the transfer course, the application may be rejected.

Students requesting evaluation of courses taken outside of BSU are required to provide documentation to the CE Department.

  • Students currently enrolled at BSU, and planning to take a course at another institution must request a Pre-Approval transfer credit evaluation PRIOR to taking the course.
  • The information provided for the evaluation includes:
    • BSU course name and number for which substitute is being requested.
    • Non-BSU institution, course name and number
    • Non-BSU course syllabus
    • For online course, course proctor name and contact information
    • Lab syllabus/ list of lab experiments (if lab was involved)
    • Upon completion of course: Unofficial transcript demonstrating student received a passing grade
  • Assessment will be based on the following:
    • Content of materials covered in non-BSU course
    • Pre-requisites of non-BSU course
    • Proctor Validation (for online course)

Note: The CE Department may consider extenuating circumstances (e.g. overall GPA, student course repeat history, class scheduling conflicts) as appropriate in the assessment process.

  • Upon completion of the Transfer Credit Evaluation, the student will receive e-mail including the following information:
    • Pre-Approval is granted
      • Request was approved, the course is considered a valid substitution.
      • There is no change to student’s ARR based upon the Pre-Approval.
    • Transfer Credit Substitution is approved
      • Request was approved, the student’s ARR will be updated to reflect transfer credit
    • Transfer Credit Pre-Approval or Substitution is denied
      • Student’s ARR will not be changed based on completion of this course
  • The CE Department will not process equivalencies; transfer credits will be treated as substitutions only.