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The Civil Engineering Club, also known as CE 200: Analysis and Development, a credited course, is compose of two student chapter organizations; The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). These two organizations compete in the ASCE Regional Competition through real world application of engineering design and construction.

The purpose of these two chapters is to become a multi-faceted organization where students can apply classroom knowledge to real world engineering through involvement in club activities and community outreach. In order to build a better reputation for the club and its members, the Civil Engineering Club strive to give them opportunities and community service projects. The club is a resource to fellow students, giving students a place to network with professionals, meet other students, participate in club projects, and expand on the knowledge learned in the classroom. We intend to initiate constructive growth for the club by strengthening our student base and establishing a solid relationship between the club and the local industry.

As a one credit course, the Civil Engineering Club (CE 200) provides students with the benefit of the classroom with the out of the classroom experience. It also rewards students for participating in extensive projects offer from the CE Club.

Each year the club works on two main projects for the ASCE regional competition: a steel bridge and a concrete canoe. For more information about these two projects, please see the corresponding projects page beneath the student chapter section page of the site.  In addition to these projects, the clubs also volunteer throughout the community at Rake Up Boise, Service Saturdays, and Adapt-a-Highway. Other activities such as camping trips, BBQ, pumpkin carving party, study groups, intramural teams, and much more is also put on to encourage involvement and to get to know fellow civil engineering students!

2017 ASCE Regional Conference

Boise State University is proud to host the 2017 Pacific Northwest ASCE Student Conference
April 20 – 22, 2017.

For more information on 2017 ASCE Regional Conference, please visit our page or contact our student coordinators:
Paul Lucia: or
Kyle Rink: