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New Fall 2018 Class for Upper-Division Engineering Students

New Fall 2018 Class for Upper-Division Engineering Students

ENGR 497/597 is an introduction to management and leadership principles and techniques needed in all phases of today’s engineering industry projects.

Marketing Flyer

Project Management and Leadership Flyer for new Fall 2018 class

Class instruction will include
1) team-based and hands-on curriculum,
2) lectures, and
3) professional industry applications.

Students will be introduced to engineering specific  management and leadership concepts, and theories, and enhance critical thinking skills  through application in project learning opportunities.
Topics include:

  •  project initiation
  • estimating
  • budgeting
  • developing work plans
  • scheduling
  • tracking work
  • resource allocation
  • project coordination
  • quality management
  • leadership
  • managing teams
  • conflict
  • negotiations
  • ethics
  • professional responsibility
  • close out

Prerequisites: Upper division standing or instructor approval
Instructor: Tony Songer, Ph.D.


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