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Boise State University’s Construction Management program is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education.

Our program continuously strives to offer a top quality education in the field of Construction Management.

Admission Requirements

There are no special admission requirements to join the Construction Management program.  When applying for admission to Boise State University all a student needs to do is list Construction Management as their major.  Admission requirements and procedures for Boise State University may be found under the Admissions tab at the top of this site.

The requirements for the degree and much more information may be found on this site under Students/Undergraduates or in the undergraduate catalog which may be found on the Registrar’s website.

Assessment Measures Employed by the Program

On a regular basis data is collected and analyzed to make sure the program continues to provide the quality education our students, alumni, partners in the business world and faculty expect from our program.  In order to do this we use several different instruments and listed in the table below.  This information may also be found in our annual report, which also includes the results of the data collected and actions taken to address any concerns.  Annual reports since our last accreditation visit may be found after the tables below.

Attached below is a file which lists our planned assessment methods for each Program Outcome.


 Attached below is a file which lists our planned assessment methods for each Program Objectives.


Student Achievement

Employment of graduates

Graduates from Boise State’s Construction Management program find work with a wide variety of companies in the construction industry.  The file below contains a list of the firms our graduates have identified as where they have initially gone to work since 2012. Out of over 200 graduates over 80% reported having accepted a job by the time they graduated. Among our 2017-2018 graduates the reported median starting salary was approximately $61,500.00 per year.

CM Employers 2012-2018