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Mobile Learning Requirements

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The Construction Management Department incorporates mobile learning devices as a central component of instructional delivery in a number of our courses. We have been phasing in a requirement to own an iPad for all students enrolled in construction management courses. There are six courses within the department that require an iPad (CMGT 110, 111, 201, 245, 385, 475).

Minimum requirements: You will need an iPad 2 or better with wifi access. You must have your own iPad as many instructors will use them for in-class quizzing and other assignments where sharing is not acceptable. The iPad mini will work, but the smaller screen will be a disadvantage for many uses, especially when looking at construction drawings. There are a variety of brand new iPads available starting at $399. It is also possible to buy less expensive used tablets through e-merchants or refurbished iPads from the Apple Store. Please note that the iPad 1 did not have a camera and will not meet the minimum requirements of the CM department.

Students without an iPad will be at a significant disadvantage for assignments and will likely suffer grade related consequences. Students are welcome to choose another type of tablet (Android, etc), but may be at a disadvantage, as some of the apps we will be using are only available for the iPad at this time. A list of FAQ’s is available below.

We recognize that this may place an undue financial burden on some students. To help offset the cost of purchasing the iPad, you may wish to purchase eTextbooks for some of your courses. Many eTexts are sold for considerably less than a traditional textbook.

In our courses, we envision the use of the iPad for a variety of multi-media student assignments and projects as well as for specialized construction management software. We have students using iPads on internships and many construction companies are becoming more tech-savvy at the jobsite. Ultimately, using the iPad in the classroom will help prepare you for your future career.

We hope you share our enthusiasm about the possibilities that this program possesses for innovative instruction and an enhanced educational experience!

The Construction Management Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What happens if I don't have an iPad?

A:  If you do not have an iPad for a course that requires one, you will be at a significant disadvantage for assignments and will likely suffer grade related consequences.  Sharing an iPad will likely not be possible, as many instructors will use them for in-class quizzes and assignments.

Q:  What if I have a different type of tablet?

A:  While other types of tablets can perform similar functions to an iPad, you may suffer grade related consequences, as many of the apps we will be using are only available for the iPad at this time.  Instructors will not take the time to find equivalent apps for other devices.

Q:  What if I can't afford an iPad?

A:  Please complete this form and return to ENGR 301 for consideration: BSU CM Mobile Technology Loaner Request Form.  You will receive an email from a CM faculty member with a decision.  

Q:  When do I need to have an iPad?

A:  It depends on what courses you are taking.  Students enrolled in CMGT 110, 111, 201, 245, 385 and 475 will require an iPad.

Q:  OK, I have an iPad, now what?

A: Once you have your iPad, you should get comfortable using it.  You should be able to download and use apps, get your email, and maneuver around.

Get your Boise State email set up.

Here is an excellent website describing how to do a lot of basic (and some not-so-basic) things on your iPad: The Best iPad Tips and Tricks

You can also get an official manual from Apple.

There are also books that you can purchase to help you if you need it.  If you prefer in-person help, you can drop by The Zone in the SUB or the ILC.  Any Apple Store should also be able to assist you

Q:  What apps should I have?

A:  Your instructor will let you know what apps you will need for your specific course.  Some apps that you might want to consider ahead of time are:

Q:  Which courses require iPads?

A:  An iPad is required for CMGT 110, 111, 201, 245, 385 and 475.

Q:  How will iPads be used for class?

A:  Each course will likely use the iPads in different ways.  We envision the use of the iPad for a variety of multi-media student assignments and projects as well as for specialized construction management software.  Some examples of uses you might experience throughout the Construction Management program include taking in-class quizzes, creating videos, documenting construction projects, using reference materials, viewing construction drawings, drawing sketches, developing and manipulating construction schedules, evaluating construction changes, and estimating construction costs. You may also choose to use your iPad in your ALL your courses (not just your CMGT courses) for eTexts, notetaking, flashcards, checking out electronic library books, keeping track of your homework deadlines, and lots of other cool stuff.

Q:  In past semesters, students were just loaned an iPad for the semester and didn’t have to buy one.  How come we have to buy one now?

A:  The iPad loans are generally only available to faculty for two semesters, as Academic Technologies is trying to expose as many students and faculty to mobile learning as possible.  They have a very limited number of iPads to loan and the CM dept wanted to expand the use of them beyond any possible loans from Academic Technologies.

Q:  Why can’t there be a course fee used to purchase iPads instead of having to do it on our own?

A:  Using course fees to purchase iPads for students is not a feasible option.  When a course fee is used, all students in the course MUST pay it – we cannot exempt anyone.  Many students already own an iPad and to force them to pay an additional amount is not appropriate.

Q:  Can I pay for my iPad with scholarship money?

A:  You may wish to check with the Financial Aid office.  While some scholarships may only be used for tuition and fees, many may also be used for books and other required supplies.  In other words, you may be able to purchase your iPad with scholarship monies.