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Construction Management Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don’t want to get a 4-year degree. The catalog says you offer a Construction Management minor. Can I do that instead?
A. The Construction Management minor is only available to students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in another major at Boise State.

Q. Can I just sign up for one or two classes that I’m interested in?
A. The Construction Management curriculum is a progressive program. The classes that we offer have been established in a sequence that leads to the bachelor’s degree. Courses are inter-related and build on each other. They have not been designed to stand alone and so are not appropriate to be taken out of sequence. The only exceptions are CMGT 240, Introduction to Construction Management, and CMGT 110, Construction Materials and Methods. These 3-credit courses may be taken individually for credit or audit. If you are not enrolled as a Boise State student, you must go through the admissions office to register for either of these classes.

Q. Do you offer online and evening classes for people who work full time?
A. Currently, Boise State does not offer any Construction Management courses online, and only selected courses are offered in the evenings. The program has been designed for full time students who are studying for a bachelor’s degree. In the future, we hope to expand our offerings to accommodate working professionals.

Q. My employer wants me to take some continuing education. Are any of your classes available for this?
A. The Construction Management courses have not been designed to be taken individually for continuing education. There are many courses suitable for continuing education that are offered through Boise State’s Extended Studies program. Please visit the Extended Studies’ website or call 208-
426-1709 for more information.

Q. What kind of jobs are available to people with a construction management degree?
Construction management graduates are in demand in all fields of construction including residential, commercial, industrial, and heavy highway. Job opportunities are abundant locally, nationwide and internationally. Construction management graduates are heavily recruited by companies who send representatives to campus to meet and interview students.

Q. Can I get credit for my work experience?
A. Students may challenge certain courses by taking a comprehensive exam that covers the course material. Courses which can be challenged include Materials and Methods of Construction and Construction Plans and Specifications. Other course challenges are possible depending on the student’s experience and instructor’s permission.

Q. Are there any internships?
Many paid internship opportunities are available for construction management students. Internships may be part time during the semester, or full time during the summer. There are internship opportunities locally and out of state on a variety of different types of construction projects.