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Policy Number CMGT04-002


Effective Fall Semester, 2005

PURPOSE:  To limit admission to upper-division courses to those students who have demonstrated their preparedness and ability to succeed through their work in lower-division courses.  Only those degree seeking students admitted to upper-division status will be admitted to upper-division Construction Management courses.

Departmental Authorization

The Construction Management Department is authorized to limit admission to upper-division course work by BSU Policy 2205-B, Declaration of a Major.

Application Procedures:

Application for admission to upper-division courses requires that the following criteria and procedures are met:

  • The student has completed a minimum of 45 semester college credits;
  • The student has an overall GPA of at least 2.40;
  • The student has filed an application letter with the Construction Management Department Chair (Chair) who will coordinate and evaluate application;
    • The application letter will consist of two to three paragraphs expressing why that student wishes to take upper-division courses.
  • The student shall include a copy of their BSU transcript (either unofficial or official) with the application.

Application Evaluation

Once the Chair has received an application he/she shall evaluate each student based upon the following criteria:

  • The student has completed a minimum of 45 semester college credits.
  • The student has an overall GPA, including transfer credits, of at least 2.40
  • The student has passed, with a C or better, all prerequisite courses necessary and available for admission into 300 level CMGT courses
  • The student is able to communicate in an effective manner using proper English.

Should the Chair refuse admission to upper-division courses the Chair shall notify the student in writing informing the student both why the student wasrefused admission and what needs to be done to obtain admission to upper-division courses.


A student has the right to appeal the decision of the Chair.  In order to make an appeal the student must do the following:

  • Submit a letter to the Construction Management Department formally requesting reconsideration of his/her case.
  • Make an oral presentation of his/her case for admission to upper-division courses at a formal meeting of the official faculty of the department, where a majority of the official faculty are present.

Once a student had made a presentation to appeal the decision of the Chair, the official faculty of the Construction Management Department present for the appeal will vote on the application, one vote per member, and notify the student of the results of the appeal outcome in writing.