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Parade Floats

Every year the Construction Management Association designs and builds a float for the Homecoming Game. It is a great way for students to get to know each other, and build relationships with fellow peers. The float takes a lot of hours to complete, and Construction Management students always have a great time putting it together. Through much creativity, proper planning, and a lot of hard work, the CMA is one of the most respected floats each year in the Homecoming Parade.

2010 Homecoming Float
This year the project was managed by CMA Members; David Ottolino and Tom Andrews who came up with the theme and design for the float. The theme was painted boldly on the sides of the float and read “BSU Construction Management Bringing The Hammer Since 1980.” The float design consisted of a giant sledgehammer pivoting on a BSU football helmet. The hammer slammed down and crushed a smoking rocket which represented the other team, the Toledo Rockets. The design involved precise engineering and detail, do the many connections and parts included. Over 200 man hours were put into the construction of the float by members of the Construction Management Association. CMA members came out with their family and friends to walk with the float in the parade.  The float was awarded three titles including; the ASBSU Bronco Fan Award, The Grand Marshal Award (Best Overall Float), and the Vice President’s Grand Prize.  The hard work and spirit shined through as the float and members showed off their victory in the parade.