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Service Learning Projects

Boise State Construction Management Association members have continued the tradition of hard work and dedication that has been set forth by our forerunners. We accept these projects and challenges with the knowledge that we are not only providing a service to our community and school, but also to ourselves. It is from our many projects that we become educated in the construction industry, a lot of which cannot be taught in the classroom environment. All students of the CMA recognize that to be a member of this organization ensures success throughout their college and professional careers.

AGC Aucation ’07 – Photo Gallery 
Borah Greenhouse
Peace Corp Concrete Tools – Photo Gallery
Rhett Scarbrough, recent alum of the Construction Management program, is currently serving the Peace Corp in Cape Verde, Africa teaching construction methods for Escola Secundária Polivalente Cesaltina Ramos. He recently contacted the Boise State Construction Management Association to help collect concrete tools. The tools are going to give new knowledge and opportunities to the school, current teachers, and to the students to join the rest of the world with the ability to construct safe and habitable buildings, community water projects, and roadways. The students range in age from 16-22 and have desires to be engineers, architects and apprentices of other trades. | View the full “BSU CMA Students Help African Community” article. | Watch the Concrete Tools Video Clip.
Special Olympics – Photo Gallery

Timing Sheds 2-1-08
Timing Sheds 2-2-08
Timing Sheds 2-4-08
Timing Sheds 2-10-08

Misc. Volunteer Projects – Photo Gallery

Habitat for Humanity
Students of the CMA volunteer on the weekends helping to construct homes for the Boise Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. CMA Volunteers typically train to be house leaders, who then lead volunteers in their activities. Volunteers build an entire Habitat House except for the plumbing, electrical and mechanical elements. Habitat for Humanity Photo Gallery 

Foothills Elementary School
Foothills Elementary approached the CMA members to help the children build a playhouse. The teacher gave a construction lesson and they designed the project. The students got the hands on through the CMA members. The CMA pre-fabricated the walls and trusses and the students joined them together with nails and glue. Foothills Elementary Photo Gallery 

Children’s Playhouses
These playhouses are usually donations for families with kids. This particular playhouse went to a family as a Christmas donation. Friends of the family knew of the CMA and our volunteer services; and approached the CMA to help them build a playhouse for their three children. It included a door, window and inside playset of table and chairs. Children’s Playhouse Photo Gallery 

Boise Zoo – Photo Gallery 

LOWE’s Activities

CMA Members volunteer every year with Lowes Home Improvement Center to help with a Children’s Workshop. This year the kids built a toy castle, learning how to read plans, assemble in order, and use tools. LOWE’s Photo Gallery 

Fencing Project
The Fencing Project was run over the summer of 2007. Tasks included compiling a project notebook with: estimate, schedule, contract, contracting fencing suppliers, pre-construction meeting, job walkthrough, and finally completing the work. The paperwork took nearly a month to compile. The Contract Agreement was fulfilled a month and a week after paperwork was done. The project itself included 900 lineal ffeet of vinyl fencing on differential terrain. The task at hand was large.

Within a day, all the postholes were drilled using a bobcat with a 12″ auger bit. In the following days, holes were dug and tamped to be 30″ deep. Next, corner and reference posts were set. After concrete hydrated for corner and reference posts, string lines were ran tightly between them on the tops and sides of posts creating an outline for all other posts within the line. On curves, an auto-level was used to sight in all posts, ensuring they were at a constant height. After two weeks, all posts were set. Rails were installed after posts. Rails came in 16′ sections. On Sloping straight-aways post holes had to be filed to fit the rails. On curve sections, rails were cut into 8′ sections and placed accordingly. The fencing supplier made an error in scheduling and hence carbide bits were used to pre-drill through reinforcing steel which was put in all gate posts. Self-tapping screws were used to attach gates to posts. After gate installation and demobilization, the project was complete. Materials check was written for $5,700 and a donation was awarded in the amount of $900. | Fencing Project Photo Gallery
Botanical Gardens – Photo Gallery

The CMA was approached by the Idaho Botanical Gardens to design and construct a handicap access ramp for their building. The CMA provided the pre-construction including plans, an estimate and a schedule. The construction process began at the beginning of the semester and involved excavating and surveying the site, building formwork for the footings and stem walls, placing fill and concrete for the footings, stem walls and slab, welding and installing the handrails and placing a sidewalk slab. The construction labor was provided by CMA members and a few engineering students who spent their weekends and free time volunteering. The project, which is now complete, was managed by Tucker Robb.