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  • Image of Dr. Don Plumlee and Student
    Gaining Experience

    Read and discover the research posters from the C-MEMS lab. With most posters being authored by undergraduate students.

  • Real Applications
    Real Applications

    Projects like the Thermoelectric Generator will bring revolutionary technology to our homes and jobs.

  • Partner Logos

    At the C-MEMS lab we enjoy a variety of partnerships with different companies and corporations outside of Boise State University.

About the Lab

The Ceramic Microelectrical Mechanical Systems (C-MEMS) lab uses Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC) to manufacture prototypes for research purposes. This lab is supervised by Dr. Donald Plumlee and run by undergraduate research assistants at Boise State University. The C-MEMS lab provides services for design to fabrication of many different possible applications of LTCC. A few of the lab projects include work in microfluidic channels, thermoelectric generators, and plasma microthrusters.

Photo of the Week:

Image of electric plasma microthruster

This pictures displays a prototype of the electric plasma microthruster. View its project page here. The microthruster project is funded by NASA and will provide more efficient thrust capabilities to small satellites.