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Computer Science

  • New CS-HU Courses Announced

  • GenCyber Summer Security Camp

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    Learn more about our new home in downtown Boise

  • Working Toward a Better, Kid-Friendly Search Engine

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Wait List Links for Fall 2017

Course number and sectionTitleLink
CS 121 & 121L - All sectionsComputer Science I
CS 252 and 253-001Intro to C for Non-Majors and Intro to Systems Programming
CS 401 and 516Intro to Web Development
CS 402 and 517Mobile Application Development
CS 410 & 510Databases

Ever thought about moving to Boise, ID? This short video (5 minutes) provides snapshots of the lives of several of the personalities working inside the Boise Valley’s tech companies. Featured in the video is Will Foster, CS Alumni. Google+

Boise Tech Scene: A Day in the LifeBOISEsunrise

Several graduate assistantships are available for Spring and Fall. Students must apply for Masters in Computer Science by Nov. 15th or March 15th for full consideration.

One of the more recent fields of academic study, computer science is fundamental in today’s digital world. Almost every major challenge facing our world is turning to computing for a solution, from conquering disease to eliminating hunger, from improving education to protecting the environment. Medical imaging and other medical software applications are revolutionizing the practice of medicine, mobile devices are transforming the way people live and communicate, web search engines have become a ubiquitous part of our every day lives. Computing has enabled discovery in areas previously untapped such as  unraveling the mysteries of DNA via the Human Genome Project, and exploration of the farthest reaches of the universe with the Hubble telescope. None of these discoveries would be possible without developments in computer science. In another ten to fifteen years, it is expected that all major systems and infrastructure in the world will be controlled by software. Computer science will play a critical role in this transformation.