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KVKit: A Simple, Powerful, ORM and Key-Value Store

KVKit: A Simple, Powerful, ORM and Key-Value Store

CS Colloquium

Lee Barney
ENGR 314
9:00am-10:00am, 8th March

 AbstractCreated specifically for Android, KVKit is a free, open source, Object Relational Mapping (ORM) library that also allows key-value store functionality when you don’t need full database functionality. This class will show you how to use KVKit to do each of the two types of storage and how it accomplishes this in a very small footprint. Both key-value and ORM storage implementations are thread-safe.  Both are optimized specifically for Android. Hibernate is much too large for Android and has unneeded complexity to accomplish its data storage and retrieval tasks.  It has a complex developer API and to many dependencies that use up large amounts of disk space and RAM.  Hibernate also uses more CPU resources than needed or desired for a mobile device.  A much simpler, yet just as powerful, design is needed.  KVKit has such a design and a simple developer API.  Come find out how to do key based queries, query by example, key-path queries, store data, and how easy using an ORM and a Key-Value store can be.


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