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develop.idaho 2013

develop.idaho 2013

develop.idaho is the only event of its kind in the state.  This half day, industry led event was created to connect software developers, designers, entrepreneurs and students with Idaho’s brightest software leaders and special guests.  “Find Your Platform” is the theme of this 3rd annual premier event.  It is about showing how software companies are not just solving specific problems, but building integrated solutions that scale and serve a wide customer base.  “Find Your Platform” also challenges each of us to find our own platform for success OR through our mutual efforts, help someone else find theirs.

1pm to 5:30pm, 17th April
Stueckle Sky Center

This event is hosted by Venture College under the Research and Economic Development office at Boise State University. Please visit the website for tickets and agenda. This event is free to students.

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