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Angular in 2017 – Modern Trends in the ngLandscape

Angular in 2017 – Modern Trends in the ngLandscape

John Salvie

3rd Nov, 12:00pm-1:00pm
CCP 221

Abstract: New to Angular? Join us as we walk through of some of the latest features and services being adopted in the Angular community, and learn how to take your front-end development to the next level.

Bio: John Salvie is a technology consultant with six years of experience in retail energy, aerospace and defense, healthcare, event management, and pharma logistics. He began his career as an SAP consultant, and eventually gravitated towards opportunities to work on smaller systems that allowed for more architectural freedom, and the chance to use newer technologies. At his current company, his role varies from project to project but typically revolve around custom application development. He is passionate about technology and doesn’t mind tackling Brownfield development, although he loves building apps from scratch. Outside of work, John likes to host on Airbnb, volunteer in his community, work on side projects, and travel.

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