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The Idaho Department of Labor says nearly 1,000 jobs for software developers have been posted during spring 2012 and industry leaders say the need is critical for more software engineers. Ryan Woodings, owner of MetaGeek, a Boise company that makes tools for diagnosing Wi-Fi problems and a member of the department’s Advisory Board, said the need for more graduates is crucial and a recent proposal by Idaho’s governor may help address the shortage.

Embracing a proposal from the Idaho Technology Council, Gov. Butch Otter in January proposed to spend $5 million to boost tech research and jobs.   Responding to the needs of the software-development companies in greater Boise area, BSU recently announced a commitment to strengthen the Computer Science Department. BSU’s upper administration pre-selected the Idaho Computer Science program for submission of a proposal to IGEM, a legislative initiative in Idaho.   The award provides for new research-focused faculty members and graduate assistants and will have a significant impact on the Department’s ability provide even greater opportunities for students.

Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

Neal Benz, HealthWise
Matthew Cooley, Scentsy, Alumni Rep
Hank Fitchett, WinCo Foods
Jim Gasaway, Keynetics, Inc.
Von Hansen, Hewlett-Packard (retired)
Kelly Householder,
Mike Hronek, Synoptek
Vanessa Hutchinson, Extended Systems (retired)
Steve Isaacson, Telemetric Corporation
Jay Larsen, Idaho Tech Council
Tim Otter, College of Idaho
Ward Parkinson, Ovonyx, Inc.
James Price, Clearwater Analytics
Tim Ramey, WhiteCloud Analytics
Matthew Rissell, TSheets
Mike Shelton, Hewlett-Packard, Alumni Rep
Brian Tuttle, MetaGeek, Alumni
Russ Whitney, Sawtooth Ideas, Inc