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    The IAB consists of representatives from industry such as Metageek

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) for the Boise State Department of Computer Science consists of leaders from the industrial and government sectors who advise the department on business trends, provides feedback on the preparedness of its graduates for fulfilling current business needs and ensures the department’s efforts and curricula are in line with those current and future trends and needs.

Industry Advisory Board Members

Neal Benz, HealthWise
Matthew Cooley, Scentsy, Alumni Rep
Hank Fitchett, WinCo Foods
Jim Gasaway, Keynetics, Inc.
Von Hansen, Hewlett-Packard (retired)
Kelly Householder,
Mike Hronek, Synoptek
Vanessa Hutchison, Extended Systems (retired)
Steve Isaacson, Telemetric Corporation
Jay Larsen, Idaho Tech Council
Tim Otter, College of Idaho
Ward Parkinson, Ovonyx, Inc.
James Price, Clearwater Analytics
Tim Ramey, WhiteCloud Analytics
Matthew Rissell, TSheets
Alden Sutherland, MWI Veterinary Supply
Mike Shelton, Hewlett-Packard, Alumni Rep
Brian Tuttle, MetaGeek, Alumni
Russ Whitney, Sawtooth Ideas, Inc