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Cybersecurity Emphasis

It is a national interest to develop workforce with skills and knowledge in both Computer Science and Cybersecurity. The Department of Computer Science created the cybersecurity emphasis for the computer science degree program in 2014.

Most attacks occurring in the world attack systems/software by exploring their vulnerabilities. It is a common believe that if a system/software was designed by considering potential security issues while developing its functionality in each of the designing phases, the system/software will be more robust with less vulnerabilities.

The objective of this emphasis is to educate computer science students with correct computing ethics and prepare them with enough knowledge to understand the importance of cybersecurity in the CS or IT industry and effectively design robust software and/or computer systems. Graduates who received this emphasis will be excellent candidates for software and/or IT security positions or graduate studies in the cybersecurity field.

To obtain an emphasis in Cybersecurity, in addition to the required courses for CS major, students must take CS 332 and CS 333 and complete 9 elective credits of cybersecurity related coursework, as described below. CS students awarded this emphasis will be noted on the diplomas.

Cybersecurity Emphasis Courses

Course Number and TitleCredits
CS 332 Ethical Hacking3
CS 333 Networking Security and Defense3
Additional CS, CS-HU courses chosen from:
CS 401 Introduction to Web Development
CS 402 Mobile Application Development
CS 410 Databases
CS 424 Cyber Security of Critical Infrastructures
CS 425 Computer Networks
CS 455 Distributed Systems
CS 474 Software Quality
CS 475 Software Security
CS-HU 274 Software Testing
CS-HU 375 Secure Programming
CS-HU 398 Current Topics in Computer Science