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The computer science department is dedicated to helping students interested in the world of entrepreneurship and assisting as a resource to startups in need of student talent. As the department continues to expand its role in the Boise entrepreneurial ecosystem, this page serves as reference for students interested in entrepreneurship and as a repository of startup stories involving current and past students.


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Boise Young Professionals Center For Entrepreneurship

Students and Alumni Fueling Startups:

Matt Monroe, Class of 2011 – BookLamp

  • In 2011 Matt joined Boise’s startup BookLamp to help write algorithms analyzing books’ content and a project often referred to as the “” of books. Three years later, the hard work paid off as BookLamp was acquire by Apple for an undisclosed amount between $10 million and $15 million. Matt continues to work on the project.

Zach Richardson, current student – BasedIn, Co-founder and CTO

  • Alongside Ryan Vasso (CEO), Zach is helping to build BasedIn, an early stage start-up that aggregates online reputations of local businesses (such as Yelp, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau and other websites). They’ve received $125K in initial funding from the Boise Angel Alliance, becoming the first Venture College project to get outside capital. Now, BasedIn is looking to scale their presence to new cities outside of Boise. In April of 2015 accepted to Boom Startup, a well respected lean startup accelerator in Utah, making BasedIn the first Idaho company in Boom Startup history.