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Expand.CS Scholarship Application

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2018-19 Expand.CS Scholarship Program Application

[Application Period Opening Soon]

Program Details and Requirements:

  • Scholarships will be provided to full-time undergraduate students (of all class levels) in the B.S. in Computer Science program at Boise State University
  • Scholarship awards will be for a maximum total of $5,000 for the 2018-19 academic year. Please note that scholarships may cover tuition only so if you have other awards (CS department or Boise State University scholarships or federal aid that does not need to be repaid such as pell grant) you may only be eligible for a partial Expand.CS award. Example: Resident tuition is $7080. If you receive a COEN NSF scholarship of $4500, your remaining need is $3300. This means your Expand.CS award will be reduced from $5000 to $3300 for the award year. 
  • Each scholarship applicant must develop a realistic academic course plan for graduation and should intend to work in the Idaho CS industry for a least one year post graduation.
  • Scholarship eligibility will be monitored each semester. To maintain scholarship eligibility, you must adhere to the academic course plan, maintain a minimum GPA of >2.5, and not receive a grade lower than a “C” in any enrolled course.
  • The Expand.CS scholarship program is supported by a consortium of industrial CS partners from Idaho. The industrial partners currently contributing to this program include AppDetex, Clearwater Analytics, Hewlett Packard LES, MetaGeek LLC., Impact Sales Inc., Paylocity, and WhiteCloud Analytics.
  • Internships may be available at the above companies to scholarship recipients. Students will be encouraged to explore these opportunities directly with company representatives at a mandatory scholar networking reception to be held on an weekday evening in November from 5:30-7pm. Exemptions from this event due to other circumstances should be requested by the applicant in advance.
  • Each successful applicant will need to sign a release form allowing Boise State permission to provide their application materials, include transcripts and faculty reference feedback, to the above listed industrial partners.

Application Instructions:

  • Submit brief online application (Coming Soon)
    • This requires securing a faculty member reference ahead of submission. Do not wait until the last day to request this from your preferred faculty reference.
  • Submit additional required materials by emailing them as .pdf files to Required materials include:
    • Cover Letter – Provide a brief background, motivation for studying CS and intention to stay an work in Idaho after graduation. One page maximum.
    • Resume – This should be the same resume you might submit to gain an internship or employment in a CS or related field. Two pages maximum.
    • Course Plan – This should show a semester by semester breakdown of each course you plan to take until graduation. The number of credits for each course should be listed. Click HERE for a sample (in excel format). You’re welcome to use this but ensure it’s saved as a .pdf for submission.
    • Information Release Form (pdf) – This document must be reviewed, signed and then scanned. A .pdf is preferred but standard image files will also be accepted. You’re also welcome to bring the original release form to the CCP 364 admin office for scanning/submission.
  • All required materials and the online application must be submitted by Thursday, October 26th at 8am
  • Award notices should be sent out by mid-January 2018.