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M.S. in Computer Science

As a graduate student in the CS department, you can take advantage of:

  • Small classes taught by highly regarded faculty members
  • Opportunities to participate in cutting edge research (and be paid for it!)
  • A collegial department atmosphere, where students and faculty interact frequently

Application and Admission Requirements

Applicants must have either a baccalaureate degree in computer science, or a baccalaureate degree in a related field plus substantial course work and/or professional experience in computer science, with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Start the application for MS in Computer Science by clicking the button below. It will walk you through the steps needed and will prompt you for the appropriate information.

Completed applications will be reviewed by the Computer Science Graduate Committee.

  • Applicants who meet the stated requirements and whose computer science background is deemed sufficient will be admitted to the program with Regular status. Admission to the program is competitive.
  • Applicants whose computer science background is deemed deficient may be granted admission with Provisional status. In this case the applicant will be required to pass specific undergraduate computer science courses in order to remove the deficiency and be granted Regular admission status.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all deficiencies must be removed within two years of Provisional admission to the program. Time spent in Provisional status counts toward the limit of five years (or up to seven years if an extension is granted) allowed for completion of the degree.
  • The program requires a minimum of 30 credit hours and a typical full-time student finishes the program in two years. A part-time student might take 3-4 years. The degree program is flexible allowing students to work with their adviser to shape it to their needs. More thorough degree requirements and course offerings can be found in the most recent Graduate Catalog.

For more information contact:

Jerry Alan Fails, CS Graduate Committee Chair
Office: CCP 257
Phone: (208) 426-5783


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the minimum TOEFL or IELTS score for international students?
A: click here.

Q. What is the minimum GRE score?
A. A GRE score is required for all applicants except for Boise State graduates. However, there is no minimum GRE score requirement as applications are evaluated as a complete package.

Q. What is the minimum GPA?
A: 3.0

Q: What is the application procedure? Is there a checklist?
A: Click here

Q. How can I submit an assistantship application?
A. When submitting your application online, you can specify whether or not you would like to apply for graduate assistantship. There is no additional form for assistantship application. To be reviewed for assistantship funding, applications must be submitted by January 15th for fall admission or October 15th for the spring admission.

Q. What is provided if I get an assistantship?
A. Graduate assistants are provided a stipend that equates to $24,000 annually, paid bi-weekly throughout the contract period. In addition to this stipend, tuition is waived and health insurance is provided.

Q. Are there tracks or specializations in the MS CS program?
A. There are no tracks or specializations. You may view individual faculty pages and/or a list of faculty sorted by research areas.

Q. My baccalaureate degree is not in computer science. May I apply for MS CS?
A. The Graduate Committee may grant promising students provisional admission, which requires you to take certain undergraduate computer science courses, depending on your background. Usually pre-reqs to gaining admission include Math 189, CS 121, CS 221, CS 253, and CS 321.

Q. What are the tuition rates and fees?
A: Click here.

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