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Research Centers, Labs and REU Programs


Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab

Building technology that lets you step into photographs. By capturing stereo-panoramas at resolutions above 100 Megapixels, virtual reality becomes reality. We are testing and developing a variety of 360′ stereo capture devices to allow for real-time navigation in photorealistic environments.

Director: Steven Cutchin, PhD

Information Security, Privacy, and Mining (ISPM) Lab

The main goal of the Information Security, Privacy, and Mining (ISPM) Research Lab is to carry out research in areas of cyber-security. ISPM aims at designing secure and privacy-preserving protocols for distributed data mining, integration, and publishing. It also aims at developing tools and systems for solving real-life problems related to cyberforensic, digital currencies, and cloud computing.

Director: Gaby Dagher, PhD

People and Information Research Team (PIReT)

The People and Information Research Team studies information retrieval, recommender systems, and other intelligent information systems. We are particularly interested in building compelling new applications focused on the needs of their users; understanding the ways in which these systems, their users, and society affect each other; and promoting high-quality, reproducible research on recommender systems.

Directors: Sole Pera, PhD and Michael Ekstrand, PhD

Social Media Mining Lab (SMML)

The SMML lab deals with data science applied to social media. Social Media Mining is the process of representing, analyzing, and extracting predictive models form social media data (social network, micro blogs, wikis, etc.). It leverages many disciplines such as data mining, machine learning, social network analysis, sociology, optimization, etc.

Director: Francesca Spezzano, PhD

Speech, Language & Interactive Machines (SLIM)

The SLIM group has a theoretical as well as a practical aspect to it. We draw inspiration from linguistics and psychology to help guide our theoretical research and develop computational models of all aspects of spoken dialogue. We then implement practical dialogue systems (e.g., as digital personal assistants, robot commands, conversational chatbots, etc.) to evaluated the theories and improve people’s lives.

Director: Casey Kennington, PhD