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CS REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates)

REU in Software Security

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This Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) site is a nine-week summer program on BSU campus, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The goal is to offer motivated undergraduate students from Boise State and other institutions across the nation with a competitive research experience in software security. During each summer of 2015, 2016, and 2017, this program will host ten students, five from Boise State and five from other institutions, to conduct research with active and experienced research faculty. Through the research experiences, students willimage of Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) students improve their ability to formulate and solve a research problem, and increase their communication proficiency in both a scientific and community context. Each student will receive a total stipend of $4,500 ($500/week for 9 weeks), reimbursement of the travel expenses for a round-trip from their home school to Boise State, and paid housing and meals.

The nine-week summer program is scheduled as follows: In the first two weeks, students will focus on developing projects. Tutorials and workshops will be held to help students establish necessary background knowledge and learn about how to conduct scientific research. Students will also work with their mentors, read literature, and design their projects. From week 3 through week 8, students will carry out their projects under the supervision of their mentors. They will also attend seminars by faculty and invited industry speakers and report their weekly progress. In week 9, students will prepare a written report in the format of a scientific paper and an oral presentation modeled after a scientific meeting. Field trips to local industry and social events will be scheduled throughout the summer program.

2015 REU Participants Amy Ferris (Whitworth University) and Ali Sellsted (Washington State University)

2015 REU Participants Amy Ferris (Whitworth University) and Ali Sellsted (Washington State University) present their research poster “Optimization and Assessment of Path Constraints in Symbolic Execution”

Dianxiang Xu, Computer Science

Dr. Dianxiang Xu, Secure Software Development, Access Control, Security of Software Defined Networks

Phone: 208-426-5734
Office: CCP 251

View Dr. Xu’s Profile

Boise State University Photo Archive # c_0109_040_23

Dr. Jyh-Haw Yeh, Data Privacy and Integrity, Applied Cryptology
Phone: 208-426-3034
Office: CCP 247

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Elena Sherman, Engineering, Computer Science

Dr. Elena Sherman, Software Quality Assurance
Phone: 208-426-4030
Office: CCP 353

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Dr. Gaby Dagher, Applied Cryptography, Information Security, Data Privacy and Cloud Computing.
Phone: 208-426-5782
Office: CCP 350

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits to me?

  • Gain research experience and knowledge in the area of your interest – you will work with active and experienced research faculty.
  • Get paid – you will receive a stipend of $4,500. In addition, housing and meals will be provided by the program.
  • Have fun – research can be fun.
  • Make friends from various schools.

What will be required of me?

Once you have accepted an offer from this REU program, you are obligated to complete the summer program and meet the program requirements. The main requirements are as follows:

  1. Attend all scheduled academic events, such as seminars, workshops, field trips, weekly meetings, and exit interview. During the weekly meetings, you will need to talk about your progress on your project.
  2. Work with an academic mentor and meet their expectations.
  3. Make two presentations. One is for defining your research project in the second week; the other is for the research results at the end of the summer program.
  4. Write one paper. This paper describes your research work in a publishable format, like a conference paper or journal article.
  5. After the summer program, keep updating your advisor or Dr. Dianxiang Xu on your research progresses and professional growth.

How will I spend my time?

In addition to attending the scheduled events, you will work independently on your research project in a laboratory or meet with your mentor. You are expected to work 40 hours per week.

Will there be other activities beyond work?

Yes, there will be field trips to local tech companies and social events, some with several other REU programs on campus. Social events are optional. Boise is also a great place to spend your summer and we’re happy to recommend a myriad of activities you might enjoy in your spare time!

How can I get a research topic?

This program provides several ways to help you to develop a research project. Before you apply for the summer program, you should get to know our faculty mentors and sample research projects. Although your research project is not limited to these areas, your application must clearly indicate the research areas of your interest so that you will have an experienced mentor in your area to work with. After you have accepted the offer from this program and before the summer program starts, you should contact your mentor, e.g., asking for a reading list. During the first week of the summer program, you will attend seminars and workshops on introductions to the research areas and on how to conduct research. During the first two weeks, you will also work closely with your mentor to develop your research plan.

Where will I live?

All REU participants will live in Boise State campus housing. Meal plans will be provided. The program will pay for these expenses.

How will I get paid?

You will receive a total stipend of $4,500, i.e., $500/week for 9 weeks. You will receive $500 in the first week and then $1,000 for every two weeks.

My question is not listed. Whom should I contact?

Dianxiang Xu
Department of Computer Science
Boise State University