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Courses Satisfying the Science Requirement for the BS in CS

The courses used to satisfy the “additional quantitative course” requirements for the Computer Science major must be chosen from the following list and satisfy DLN requirements.  Any exceptions must be courses intended for science majors and must be approved by the student’s advisor and the Department Chair, using an “Adjustment of Academic Requirements” form.  Note that this requirement is in addition to the requirements of one of the sequences CHEM 111/L, 112/L, or PHYS 211/L, 212/L.  A student who completes both of these sequences may use one of them to satisfy the sequence requirement and the other to satisfy the one additional course.

NOTE:  Courses marked with an asterisk include a laboratory component that does not have a separate course number.

BIOL 191 General Biology 1 * (4)
BIOL 227 Human Anatomy and Physiology * (4)

CHEM 111, 111L College Chemistry & Lab (4)

GEOL 101 Physical Geology* (4)

PHYS 211, 211L Physics I with Calculus & Lab (5)