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The Computer Science Department and College of Engineering benefit from the generosity of many donors and organizations interested in supporting students in their studies of computer science. To find out more about these departmental and college level opportunities and apply for them, please visit or the individual scholarship links below. Students should submit a General Application to be considered for all Boise State University level scholarship. Some departmental scholarships require no further application, students who have submitted a General Application will be auto-matched for consideration of scholarships that they qualify for. Other departmental scholarships however have additional requirements, such as a submission of a cover letter and resume. These scholarships are bolded and noted with an asterisk* in the list of departmental scholarships below.

Ada Lovelace Computer Science Scholarship for Women*
Brad Morse Memorial Computer Science Scholarship
Computer Science Scholarship
Eric & Elizabeth Schneider Computer Science Scholarship
Expand.CS Computer Science Award*
Hutchison Computer Science Scholarship
James & Amy Hepworth Scholarship in Computer Science
Keynetics Inc Computer Science Scholarship
Kount Ada Lovelace Computer Science Scholarship*
Margaret Hamilton Scholarship for Women in Computer Science*
Rayner Family Scholarship for Computer Science
Satz-Asbury Ada Lovelace Dean’s Computer Science Scholarship

Additional non-departmental opportunities to be aware of:

National Science Foundation Scholarships for Engineering and Computer Science (College of Engineering)*

NCWIT Idaho Affiliate Aspirations Award Scholarship (College of Engineering): The Boise State University College of Engineering offers winners and runners-up of the Idaho Affiliate Aspirations Award $1,000 to attend Boise State University and major in Computer Science. This award is renewable for up to four years. For more information, please contact Lynn Olson at or 208-426-2686.