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Dual listed courses that are full will require you to register for the waitlist through Google forms. Please see below for the current semester’s waitlist links and please contact our office if you have any questions.

Waitlist Links for Fall 2019

Course NumberTitleWait List Link
121-004 & 503-001Computer Science 1
397-001 & 597-001Special Topics: Service, Mentoring, and Recruitment through project-based learning and computational thinking
401-001 & 516-001Intro to Web Dev
402-001 & 517-001Mobile App Development
410-001 & 510-001Databases
424-001 & 524-001Cyber Security of Critical Infrastructure
425-001 & 525-001Intro to Computer Networks
437-001 & 537-001Intro to Information Retrieval
441-001 & 541-001Computer Architecture
453-001 & 552-001Operating Systems