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Application Guide

Congratulations. Your future is waiting.

Every journey begins with the first step

Congratulations on your decision to apply for grad school!  You can follow the application guide below to get started.  You can also schedule a video chat or telephone call with an admissions counselor.

Before you Apply -- Notes for PhD Applicants

Each of our PhD students works closely with a faculty mentor.  One of the first steps for prospective PhD students is to identify potential faculty mentors.  Before beginning an application, serious applicants should:

  • Review current research profiles to discover faculty members in preferred research areas.
  • Complete a program consultation with potential faculty mentor(s) prior to completing an application.

Prospective applicants who complete a program consultation are also eligible for application fee waivers and priority funding status.

Application Guide

  1.  Navigate to the University’s How to Apply page to complete the University’s application.  This process will require:
    1. Transcripts from all previous institutions
    2. GRE scores submitted directly to Boise State
      • Minimum GRE performance: > 70th percentile
      • School code: R4018
    3. TOEFL or IELTS for international applicants.
  2. Upon completion of an application, return to the Apply Yourself website to submit department-specific application materials:
    1. CV or resume
    2. Three or more letters of professional/academic reference
    3. Two-page statement of teaching/research interest