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Computing Resources

ECE Department-Specific Labs

  • ENGR 239 – Senior Design Lab 
  • ENGR 312 – Microprocessors
  • ENGR 337
  • ENGR 212  – Open “drop in” lab for all engineering students.  No courses are scheduled in this space, so it is available during building hours (6am to 10pm daily). Computers configured with many software packages including Matlab, Mathematica, Labview (a complete list of installed applications is documented here:
  • VLAB – This lab consists of twenty dedicated lab computers available day nor night for engineering student use configured with various software packages. These computers do not reside in a physical lab space, but are accessible anywhere (on or off campus) by using remote connection software. VLAB information and documentation:

For more details about these specific computer lab resources, please review, which includes comprehensive information regarding all COEN computer labs at Engineering. 

ECE Department Academic and Research Resources

Primarily used for the ECE 330 class (Microprocessors) as a head node to computers in ENGR 312:

  • Hosts student home directories for the lab and specialized applications for embedded systems boards (i.e. openocd and arm)
  • Utilizes Xilinx software (for the Linux-side of computers in ENGR 312, as the software runs more efficiently on Linux than it does on Windows)
  • Server resides on the Boise State public network so that students may access it remotely

ECE department Cadence server. Terminal Server software provides access to virtual desktops to run Cadence remotely (for both researchers and students). See for more information about the use of Cadence at the College of Engineering.

Kestrel High Performance Cluster

Kestrel is a 32-node CPU/GPU cluster acquired through a National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation grant (Award # 1229709). It is available to researchers at Boise State University, including students and graduate students affiliated with a research project. Use of the system requires end-user Linux and coding proficiency.  More information is available at