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PhD Student Profiles

Current Students

Doctoral Candidates

Fady Hussein

Research Summary:  The new advances in the Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration (DPR) of FPGAs have unlocked a hug potential of the design capabilities. DPR can be redefined as the ability of an FPGA to re-configure some of its regions on runtime, without interrupting other regions. My research is for developing, using DPR, an evolvable hardware framework that is unique in its architecture and implementation.  The system can be used for many applications including image processing, fault-tolerant systems and reverse engineering. Moreover, I am working on developing an efficient algorithm for bitstream compression.

Vikram Patel

Research Summary:  The final disposition of used nuclear fuel represents a continued challenge to the long-term viability of nuclear energy. Dry storage technology is the primary method of long term storage and containment of spent fuel. Vikram Patel is researching and developing an in-situ prognostic monitoring system to verify the condition of the used nuclear fuel and the internal canister environment without having to break the seal of the inner cask. This includes the development of sensing methods to continuously monitor the cask system and provide physical, safety, and security information during storage.

Kehan Zhu

Kehan received his B.S. degree from Xiangtan University, China, 2006.  In 2008, he earned his M.S degree from Jiangnan University, China.  Both degrees were in microelectronics engineering. Since 2012, he has been with the ECE department at Boise State University where he is currently a Ph.D. candidate under the supervision of Dr. Vishal Saxena, working on the energy-efficient high-speed silicon photonic link integration.

Kehan completed an internship and did component-level ESD testing, ESD failure analysis at the CETC-58 (Chinese Electronics Technology Corporation) in Wuxi China during the Spring semester of 2007. He also worked as a research assistant in on-chip ESD Labs in Zhejiang University from August 2007 to June 2008.  He was with Qimonda, Suzhou (June-Oct. 2008) as a product test engineer.  During Nov. 2008-July 2012, he was with Chrontel, Shanghai, as an analog IC design engineer.

Currently, Kehan is participating in an internship as a research associate in Large-Scale Integrated Photonic Group at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Labs. There, he is working on the design for the next-generation silicon photonic link which includes advance CMOS IC design, link budget analysis, Verilog-A modeling and simulation for photonic devices, CMOS chip and photonic chip integration floorplan and implementations.


Program Graduates


  • Pook, Michael (2015)
  • Ailavajhala, Mahesh (2014)
  • Balagopal, Sakkarapani (2014)
  • Barclay, Martin Jared (2014)
  • Fernandez, Sulmer (2014)
  • Hall, James (2014)
  • Kiepert, Josh (2014)
  • Latif, Muhammad Rizwan (2014)
  • Rogers, Uri (2014)
  • Oteafy, Ahmed (2011)
  • Harvard, Qawi (2011)
  • Richard Southwick III (2010)
  • Vishal Saxena, (2010)
  • Robert Hay, (2009)
  • Xiangli Li, (2008)